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Looking for the best phone company for your local phone land line?

Landline Phone Service can help.

Whether you just need low cost home phone service with basic features or want to opt for a more robust account including unlimited long distance, international phone service, etc. we can help you find a local home phone service company that will meet your telecommunications needs at a price that won’t break the budget.

There are two basic types of landline phone services.

Legacy Copper Analog Landlines

This is the older method of home telephone service,and is still the only option in many rural and remote areas. The telephone connection is made via small twisted pair copper wires that connect your phone to the telephone service company. This type of connection is often referred to as POTS or Plain old telephone service , used by the old Ma Bell now At&t landline services.

If you also want broadband Internet access, you can typically get DSL Internet service transmitted on the same copper lines as the landline phone. The Internet speeds commonly vary from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Mbps depending on the quality of the phone lines and your distance from the phone carriers central switch office.

Digital Phone Service VoIP

Many modern landline phone connections are made via VoIP (Voice over IP) . This type of service is referred to as Internet phone service or VoIP phone service. Digital telephone service requires a broadband (high speed) Internet connection. Most home telephone providers can provide a landline only connection, however it is usually more cost effective to bundle your phone service with either broadband Internet or digital TV service provided by the same company.

Low Income Phone Service

Government Low Income Phone Service Discount

You may be eligible for a discount on your home phone service if you meet the US Government guidelines for their Lifeline program: Affordable Telephone Service for Income-Eligible Subscribers.

Lifeline is a government subsidized benefit program. Eligible low-income subscribers can receive a monthly discount, currently $9.25 per month, on home telephone service fees. If you live on a federally recognized Indian reservation you can receive enhanced benefits.

Everyone needs a landline or other type of phone service in today’s world. Families without phone service are at an extreme disadvantage in case of emergency, contacting prospective employers, children’s schools, etc.

That being said, Even the cheapest landline phone service may exceed the budget of some low income households.  The Government requires all telecommunications service providers including landline telephone companies, wireless telephone services, and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers to contribute to the federal Universal Service Fund (USF).  This fund is used to provide telephone service discounts to eligible home phone service customers.

See the FCC Lifeline Phone Discount page to see if you are eligible for the telephone service subsidy.

Some telephone providers also offer Lifeline Low Income Phone Service information.:

If you meet the Low Income Phone Service requirements of the Lifeline program, take advantage of the monthly phone bill discount.