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Whether you just need low cost home phone service with basic features or want to opt for a more robust account including unlimited long distance, international phone service, etc. we can help you find a local home phone service company that will meet your telecommunications needs at a price that won’t break the budget.

There are two basic types of landline phone services.

Legacy Copper Analog Landlines

This is the older method of home telephone service,and is still the only option in many rural and remote areas. The telephone connection is made via small twisted pair copper wires that connect your phone to the telephone service company. This type of connection is often referred to as POTS or Plain old telephone service , used by the old Ma Bell now At&t landline services.

If you also want broadband Internet access, you can typically get DSL Internet service transmitted on the same copper lines as the landline phone. The Internet speeds commonly vary from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Mbps depending on the quality of the phone lines and your distance from the phone carriers central switch office.

Digital Phone Service VoIP

Many modern landline phone connections are made via VoIP (Voice over IP) . This type of service is referred to as Internet phone service or VoIP phone service. Digital telephone service requires a broadband (high speed) Internet connection. Most home telephone providers can provide a landline only connection, however it is usually more cost effective to bundle your phone service with either broadband Internet or digital TV service provided by the same company.

How to Use a Virtual Landline Phone Number for Your Better Business Credibility

How to Use a Virtual Landline Phone Number for Your Better Business Credibility

Virtual Landline Phone Number

By Tahia Mali

Over 70% of customers tend to trust the businesses, which operate within their local area, than those which are based overseas. When your brand is still unknown for the reason of business being newly established, it is quite hard to win the prospect’s loyalty and to assure the future buyer that you are not a fraud. Disclosing a PO Box address might be not enough, while even possessing a directory listed address can mean that the business is simply registered as a branch office. A 800 number is great for local customers because it’s free to call, but it is not specified city number, but a ‘No caller ID’ often used for marketing goals. Local telephone numbers are way more trustworthy from the first glance, memorable and common. It can display a town or region code to the caller, while the incoming calls are landing to your personal computer or mobile phone, according to the forwarding settings you choose. Placing a local phone number at your website’s homepage is rendering a 100% local feel to your business.

A virtual phone number may be perfectly used as a local landline number. Imagine your customers dialing a usual landline number for their country as usual; it would increase your businesses credibility considerably! Not any kind of doubts regarding the company’s physical existence, no worries about expensive international calls tariffs, fast and easy way to get in touch. Just choose a country you wish to set your virtual ‘representative office’, which is normally a country you are selling your goods or services to, and connect a virtual local landline number for that region.

With this technology you can stay competitive and lead your own business conveniently on-the-go, without investing much money into the necessary communication appliances. Using a virtual number means raises greatly your mobility and productivity. Whenever you stay or move, your clients can always reach you due to call forwarding function.

Some benefits and features of a local virtual number placed at your website:

Cost saving – Using VoIP technology requires less investment than using a common telephone line connection. No special equipment is to be purchased for the phone number to function correctly. A free-of-charge application can be downloaded to start using at once. The call tariffs for both local and international calls are much lower than with the national operators.

Mobility – Connect with your prospect customers. People usually tend to have bigger trust and prefer to deal with a local business due to cultural, convenience, distance or tax matters.

Efficiency – Through offering more than one contact number. Depending on the size and need of your business, you may need to have more than one virtual number for your business. If you are doing business in more than one city, then it is wise to have local virtual numbers for each of the cities to give your business a multi-location look.

Flexibility – A virtual phone number is not connected to any singular device. It is hosted in a virtual server by a service provider and may be thus directed at any chosen device – computer or mobile phone in any time zone and geographical location. This feature allows enjoying high mobility and be nevertheless always reachable. Additionally, there is a possibility to install phone services developed for the virtual number best functionality and use.

Professionalism – Creating extensions and separate departments. The same as with a normal telephone line it is possible to form extension short numbers to forward the caller to a corresponding department. When using an IVR, virtual assistant or voice menu option, it is incredibly helpful to offer extended connections for each separate business function.

A local number makes you look like trusted, local service provider.

You may get all the information regarding a virtual phone number and additional services, along with the full features description to discover all the advantages and possibilities at Freezvon is offering various types of numbers with a good coverage and appealing price list.

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Are Cell Phones Replacing Landlines for Businesses?

Are Cell Phones Replacing Landlines for Businesses?

Replacing Landlines

By Leonard Henry

Landline phone invention dates way back in the 18th century as opposed to the first Motorola mobile phone invention in 1973 so this is like 107 years later. With this information being established, we can see that businesses in those days relied heavily on landline business phones for back and forth communication with their Customers, Clients, Suppliers, Business Partners and the list goes on.

As I write this article, it begs the question, what other means of urgent contact were there to get in touch with your suppliers or customers if they were not present to take your calls on the other end? Bearing in mind, the first mobile phone came in over a hundred years later. You might ask, What about an email? But then from research, the first ‘text’ was sent from a computer system to another computer system beside it, in 1971. I would suppose that not having alternative means of communication in those days, possibly resulted in loss of revenues not only for your business but also for your suppliers business and probably loss of local customers.

So, then as years went by, we have seen vast improvements in technology as it relates to communication. Most if not all of us have been partakers of these technologies over the years. In my humble opinion, I don’t think that cell phones are replacing landline phones for businesses, I think that we have to look at a landline phone and a mobile phone in terms of their LIMITATIONS and CAPABILITIES. In so doing, we can decide which one is more appropriate in a given situation.

For a business owner operating his business, he would want to ensure that he can get in touch with his Suppliers in a timely matter and so he wants to utilize all communication means necessary for the effective running of his business. He does not want to know that his customers are turned away from his business because he could not get in touch with his suppliers. This would be loss of revenues for his business and possibly loss of customers.

A landline phone is not so much a portable tool and so, that’s one of its limitations. He will now have to invest in a mobile phone which is a portable tool, therefore he will be able to make contact wherever he is. With all of this being said, in the early days of mobile phone design, my thinking was that its only purpose was to make calls and receive calls. I was really thinking wrong.

We are seeing the power of technology being played out in this piece of communication tool as we enter the 21st century. The capabilities of a mobile phone today outweighs that of a landline phone. A mobile phone with its applications and features today have now become a massive piece of marketing tool for any business today, but as I have said earlier, they both have their appropriate place in any Organization and I believe this will be the case for years to come.

I am Leonard Henry the Founder and C.E.O. of Apptitecture Mobile App Design Solutions. We design and build mobile apps for businesses globally.

We also offer business Opportunity to Innovative Entrepreneurs who want to start their own mobile app business with no coding experience.

Visit us at: for more information.

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Benefits Of Owning A Landline Phone Revealed

Landline Phone

Landline Phone

Landline Phones – Benefits Of Owning A Landline Phone Revealed
By Marc-Eddy Drouinaud Jr

Mobile phones have become so popular in the last two decades or so that close to 40% of all landline phone owners have dumped their phones and are using their mobile phones even while they are at home. It cannot be disputed that if these people had continued with their landline phones, they would have had to pay the bills for both the landline as well as their other phone. It cannot also be denied that it is entirely an individual’s own decision whether to have a landline phone or not. But, all said and done, I am of the firm opinion that home phones are better than cell phones in many respects. I would like you to consider the following factors on which landline phones score over mobile phones. The 8 are:

1. Distress or Help call to 911 – A call to 911 from a landline gives your exact location even if you are calling from an apartment block. So, help arrives immediately. This may be particularly useful when the caller is a child, baby sitter or an elderly person as all these people may not be able to give complete details instantaneously in a distress situation. It may not be a very likable experience if you want to call 911 and are not able to find your mobile phone or its battery is too low.

2. Voice clarity – You get absolutely crisp and clear voice on a landline phone.

3. No problem of Radiation – There are no radiation problems associated with landline phones.

4. No problem of a ‘weak signal’ – With a home phone, there are no issues like no signal or weak signal.

5. Sturdiness – A landline is quite sturdy and not very slim and delicate like most mobile phones.

6. Easy to maintain – These types of phones are easier to maintain as compared to mobile phones.

7. Comfort and convenience – The comfort and convenience of a home phone while receiving and making calls is way ahead of a mobile phone.

8. Choice of home security companies – Many home security systems are designed to work only with landlines. The burglar and fire alarms are hardwired into the landline phone to automatically alert the authorities.

Why not take a considered view after considering the many lucrative bundled pricing offers and incentives being offered by your landline company just to retain you as a customer?

Dozens of experts offer free reports to those who want to find the best deals.

For more information on landline phones and how you can get the best deal at the right price, visit []Revealed Here

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Is The Landline Dead?


Is The Landline Dead?

Is The Landline Dead?
By Paul C Gutierrez

The death of the landline signifies a deep-rooted cultural modification that impacts both our public as well as personal lives. Because of the fast-paced life and the many technological innovations we all encounter; the demise of the ‘good old’ landline has been overlooked. Sadly, it’s death has unhooked all of us from our personal and daily connections, in the office, where email messaging has kept us away from co-workers who sit simply some 2-3 feet away from us, and the same holds true at home. Way back, the landline functioned as a vital link that connected almost everyone even outside the home.

A majority of people agree that the sudden growth of mobile devices over the last two decades began the decline in the use of the conventional landlines. Because mobile phone services have grown so quickly, and call rates becoming cheaper, many individuals find it hard to justify the added expense of having to keep both a landline and a mobile phone.

Although the landline was not as ‘big’ as it once were, and commercial clients are now replacing the landline with VoIP services, voice traffic in fact appears to be shifting for customary landline providers, as opposed to reports that it has actually been totally obliterated from the telecommunication’s sphere.

The truth is the landline is still alive and kicking, even popular business mobile solutions agree to this fact. The younger segment of the market may have been found getting rid of the traditional home phones as they turn to VoIP services as a cost-cutting measure.

VoIP services draw more attention for being inexpensive and for allowing easy access to everyone. Any user may gain access to his account wherever he may be in the world. Business owners who frequently travel choose VoIP over landline systems because they can still use their number over a VoIP connection even when they go outside of their geographical boundaries or abroad. Despite the fact that the customary definition of a landline is now changing, customers still seem to appreciate its many features and security attributes.

For instance, in many rural areas of a particular country, high speed internet and mobile phone coverage are not available, and so landlines are still a practical option and a necessity. Even in urban areas, business mobile solutions are pointing at architecture and poor mobile phone coverage spots to be the main culprits why customers – both residential and commercial keep their landlines. One great benefit that attaches to a landline is the fact that when you dial a police hotline or emergency number like 911, your exact location or physical address can be easily determined and distress calls are immediately traced.

As business mobile solutions advance, the manner in which people communicate from across the globe is likewise changing. Nowadays, people see the power of both worlds and so, they opt to embrace both technology – mobile phone service and landline service. This is a merger and convergence that homes and businesses will both definitely benefit from.

Having the best of both worlds assures safety and security that a landline provides, and now with the newest technological advancements your landline can be combined with the mobility, flexibility, as well as cost-effective feature of a mobile phone. You can now have one telephone number that rings your landline as well as your mobile phone whenever and wherever you may be in the world.

Many business solutions mobile phones are especially made to cater to this win-win alternative, now you can have a mobile app that will allow you to make international calls through your mobile phone which is likewise used in conjunction with your landline phone. While there are some carriers who are promoting a home phone tool that utilizes the exact same landline number as a subscriber’s mobile device.

Notwithstanding the fact that the conventional landline use is dwindling, VoIP has in fact revived landline use and made it more attractive to many users. It can be safely concluded that landline is not dead, not now, and not in the near future! VoIP tools and apps may have made landline use to decline overall, but it never totally replaced the landline service use as a whole.

Due to the fast rising advancement and []innovations in technology, it is difficult to determine exactly what the telecommunications future will look like years from now. Nevertheless, it is clear that it will never look the same way it looked 10 or 30 years ago. The best move would be to continue embracing both the landline and mobile technologies altogether to the end that all consumers, residential or commercial will have all the security, flexibility, and savings that they are all looking for. That’s the beauty of technology reinvented!

Article Source:  Is The Landline Dead?


Low Income Phone Service

Government Low Income Phone Service Discount

You may be eligible for a discount on your home phone service if you meet the US Government guidelines for their Lifeline program: Affordable Telephone Service for Income-Eligible Subscribers.

Lifeline is a government subsidized benefit program. Eligible low-income subscribers can receive a monthly discount, currently $9.25 per month, on home telephone service fees. If you live on a federally recognized Indian reservation you can receive enhanced benefits.

Everyone needs a landline or other type of phone service in today’s world. Families without phone service are at an extreme disadvantage in case of emergency, contacting prospective employers, children’s schools, etc.

That being said, Even the cheapest landline phone service may exceed the budget of some low income households.  The Government requires all telecommunications service providers including landline telephone companies, wireless telephone services, and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers to contribute to the federal Universal Service Fund (USF).  This fund is used to provide telephone service discounts to eligible home phone service customers.

See the FCC Lifeline Phone Discount page to see if you are eligible for the telephone service subsidy.

Some telephone providers also offer Lifeline Low Income Phone Service information.:

If you meet the Low Income Phone Service requirements of the Lifeline program, take advantage of the monthly phone bill discount.